We provide a venue for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to direct neuroscience research, healthcare tech development, and future innovations.


How?  Patients and caregivers propose ideas for problems that complicate their health, safety, or ability to navigate their daily lives and we ask innovators of all kinds to develop solutions through crowdsourced, incentivized challenges built on the patients' original proposals.

Strategic feedback loops between patients, partners, a scientific advisory board, and business advisors ensure that solutions to patient-directed challenges are relevant to patient/stakeholder needs and responsive to the changing neuroscience and healthcare field. 

Neurology Patient Initiative funding mechanisms will complement existing federal and private foundation efforts, are not limited by current infrastructure restraints, and involve patients in the product development process. 

By awarding prizes for patient-driven challenges, Neurology Patient Initiative will lower cost and increase the rate that promising tools advance down the pipeline toward patients while encouraging new solvers/innovators to lend their skills to product development for neurological disorders. 


Our Mission

Neurology Patient Initiative will accelerate the development of novel services, products, and devices by offering award incentives to solvers of patient-driven challenges.


Neurology Patient Initiative will revolutionize open innovation, fueling new talent to pursue the field of neuroscience and healthcare, empowering patients, and producing exciting new products that meet patient needs.

What WE Do

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  • We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients with neurological disorders
  • We value integrity and accountability in biomedical research.
  • We view patient input and open-access science as key components to our success. 
  • With a small, Colorado-based staff, we strive to employ qualified individuals with disabilities using our web-based business and remote employment.

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